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Do you need a car loan. We can help.Auto Loans

If you're shopping for a new or used car or truck, see us first. You will benefit from our competitively low interest rates along with your choice of several excellent terms: 

  • Up to 84 months for new vehicles
  • Up to 72 months for used vehicles 2019 or newer

Get Pre-Approved

Improve your bargaining position and lessen your vulnerability to sales tactics when you apply for a pre-approved auto loan. We offer 100% financing on new and used vehicles for qualified borrowers!

Information Is The Key

To help our members understand the value of vehicles, our Loan Officers can provide up-to-date information on the value of your car or truck as well as the vehicle that you are interested in purchasing using a program that is updated monthly to ensure it's accuracy.

If you don't have the necessary knowledge of the features and pricing of the vehicle that you are interested in purchasing, as well as your own if you plan to do a trade in, you can easily be taken advantage of. Be an informed buyer when shopping for a new or used vehicle. Ask your Loan Officer for more information or do your own research online.

girl working on laptopApply On-line

Save time, apply online and one of our Loan Officers will contact you within 24 hours. Generally, Credit Unions offer more attractive rates and terms and, if you take advantage of them, you will save yourself the headache of the high pressure sales tactics that you will no doubt experience at a dealership.

Re-Finance With Us

Are you paying a high rate elsewhere? As a member you can avoid paying those outlandish rates. With credit approval, we can refinance your auto loan which will reduce your rate and monthly payment. Also, when you refinance with us, you get to SKIP your next payment!!

Call Your Credit Union First

Don't wait until you are at the dealership to apply for financing - that can cost you and your family thousands of dollars. Come in and speak with one of our Loan Officers first to get pre-approved. Then go shopping with confidence and make a deal on your terms!!